Marine Electronics Forum - Lowrance HDS and SimRad FC40 calibration.

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03-24-2012, 09:28 AM
I sent this in to Lowrance... Anyone else seeing these symptoms?

On an HDS8...

I recently added a Lowrance 3G radar to my system. I also added a SimRad FC40 bearing sensor for mapping overlay. I recently upgraded to 4.1...

One thing I notice is it seems my GPS no longer saves my settings. For example, when I select "Standard" for the annotations, if I turn it off and back on (via cutting power on the bus), it is back at "full". Also, everytime I turn my network/GPS on, it registers the SimRad FC40 as "New radar device found". I don't recall losing my setting before. I have everything powered using a Network Bus attached to a switch on the dash. When I am done boating I hit the swtich and kill the power to everything. Should the GPS have a "constant" DC volatage - kind of like the yellow and red connections for a car radio?

This aside...I recently did the calibration for the SimRad FC40...I rotated the boat using the instructions in the GPS. The instructions said to maintain a 2-3 deg/s roatation and had --- for the degree of rotation. As I rotated, the --- never changed. However, once I completed the full rotations, the GPS reported Calibration Completed. When I reentered the GPS device menu, the SimRad FC40 still reported uncalibrated. I also notice the radar overlay is several degrees (+25-30) off from the map...

Reflecting back on my first question...Even if I figure out why the FC40 is not reporting calibrated and I am able to get the calibration matched up manually - if I shut off the power, will I have to go through all this over again - since it appears settings are not being saved?

03-24-2012, 09:55 AM
Stop shutting the power off via the bus. It will not save settings that way. Use the button on the unit first.

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