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03-24-2012, 04:51 AM
Had another post about my Raymarine E90W fishfinder/transducer having intermittent outage problems, thought it was maybe a switch problem, replaced switch but apparently not the problem. Now my GPS is not picking up satellites at all and my FF display is all over the place. Picking up depth but the display is up and down, blank, stops, etc. E90W (only 3 months old) unit boots fine, displays are working fine, all other commands/settings fine, doesn't seem to be a screen issue but the data reaching it. A few days ago I booted up in my slip and my chartplottter showed my heading 180 degrees off but the GPS was working showing proper position. Didn't go anywhere until last night. When I got out of the skip I noticed all this going on. I have reset settings/data and get the same. It is a simple set up with only the GPS antenna, transducer and a connection to my VHF DSC. I have a 5 way SeatalkNG connector. All of this started when I installed a new stereo, took out an old XM receiver and removed an old Loran antenna. However, none of tthose were connected to my old chartplotter and shouldn't have anything to do with it....I think.

Any thoughts on where I can start checking to see what is happening? My only thought is to disconnect everything and reconnect making sure things are clean and tight. Not sure how to check to see if the GPS antenna is working correctly. Maybe a bad 5 way connector? Please, ANYTHING bbut having to pull the E90W and return for service......!!!!!

I thought I'd post here first before calling an electronics guy which is probably what I should do to begin with!

Thanks for any comments...

03-24-2012, 08:19 AM
Do you have a heading sensor on your network? If not, an MFD can only compute heading when you are moving. It'll report the last heading it had until there is enough movement to indicate a new heading.

Not familiar with the Raymarine gear, so that's all I can offer at the moment.

You may want to get very deliberate and trace out all the connections you have and compare them to your diagram of what you were installing. Posting that info here might give folks enough info to help...your post is pretty sketchy at best.

Might be time for getting an installation pro on board.

03-24-2012, 08:52 AM
Sketchy is one of my best things when it comes to electronics as I'm ...challenged lets say. It was installed by a pro and he will be called on Monday if it isn't sorted out but I thought it might be something simple. No heading sensor on the network, just the E90W and GPS antenna. I was thinking about the whole thing and the first time anything went whacko was after I installed the DSC connection to the VHF. I had to solder the 6 pin fitting myself which seems to require a microscope. Not the most professional job but got it working, position showing on VHF, good to go. Then the oissues started. So I go out this morning to check everything and thought I would see what happened when I disconnected the DSC from the VHF. Well, everything starts working again. MAybe coincidence, maybe related? Could a short in my connection cause data issue with the unit? Going to take the boat out in a while and see what happens with the heading, etc. Thanks for the comment, I do appreciate it.

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