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View Full Version : B-164 matched to Furuno 585

03-23-2012, 08:46 AM
I have searched the forums and not found an answer to my question so I will pose it here:

I bought a 2002 Contender with a B-164 installed and connected to a Garmin 4212. I want to run the transducer to my Furuno 585 that I have already installed and run it totally separate from the rest of the Garmin system. The wire is already cut on the B-164 and I have the Furuno 10 pin connector for the 585. The question is in reconnecting the internal wires from the cord on the B-164 to the Furuno 10 pin pig tail. All the colors match up and there are 2 bare wires which I assume are grounds. I tried simply matching up all the colors and that did not work. When you turn on the display it "bounces" all over the place to various depths and the temp "bounces" around as well (it read 58 degrees one second and then 70 degrees and so on). The connections all seem good and were done with shrink wrap connectors very securely. What am I doing wrong? I pulled the wiring diagram from Airmar and it was of little help. I sure dont want to have to remove the B-164 unless I am sure it is FUBAR which I doubt. Any help would be mucho appreciated???

03-23-2012, 10:36 AM
Thanks to SemperFishing for the referral on this question. For those of you that might actually try this it is pretty complicated and the results can vary at best but here is the skinny on it:

Garmin (G) Blue to Furuno (F) Blue
(G) Black to (F) Black
(G) White to (F) White
(G) Orange to (F) Orange if present
Here comes the tricky part:
(G) Both bare wires are attached to (F) Brown & "inner bare"
note: Inner bare on (F) can be found within the same shield as the blue and black wires
Cut back the remaining "outer bare" on the (F) as it is not used

Good luck if you need to do this, I am gonna try it as it has to be easier than removing and replacing the B-164 and a lot cheaper too!

03-23-2012, 11:41 AM
Correct not easy..that is why anyone getting a new transducer should always make sure they get a mix and match one.

Then it is a simple cable change to go to a new system.

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