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View Full Version : Garmin Customer Service - A+

03-23-2012, 07:49 AM
I am picking up my first boat, a Sea Hunt Ultra 211, from the dealership tomorrow, Saturday. As part of the purchase, I had them rig a Garmin 740s. The salesman definitely recommended the g2 Vision card for the unit and, being new to the water, I concurred. Anything that will give me additional info and help keep hull from meeting reef is money well spent in my mind.

Still, I knew I had seen the Garmin products on Amazon. In fact, I used pricing found online to get the dealer to knock a couple of hundred off of the 740s. So, I told the sales guy that I would get the Vision card on my own. I also had a $100 Amazon gift card, making the purchase much more palatable. I ended up finding the card on Amazon for $208 + $3.99 shipping from a seller called DataVas. I figured I was saving well over $100 off of Garmin's retail price, plus my $100 gift card made this the deal of the week, so I ordered it up.

I should have known better. Too good to be true and all...

When the Garmin card showed up on Tuesday, I looked it over and it was definitely new, in box. Only problem was that the card was the July, 2008 revision.

Having registered on Garmin's site, I went ahead and stuck the card in my SD reader. Garmin's site promises a free upgrade within 30 days of purchase, so I thought: no problem, I'll just update the card. No luck, the only thing it would offer was a $119.99 upgrade. Frustrated, I sent an email to the maps support folks at Garmin.

I got an email response in less than 10 minutes with instructions on how to update the card. After replying that I had tried that with no luck, the gentleman I was conversing with, Loy, figured out that the version I was sold was very old and could not be updated gratis online, and he immediately offered to replace the card. He provided me with a case number and RMA number and I headed to Office Depot to ship the card. I went ahead and paid (over $50!) to ship the card overnight. In a previous conversation I had mentioned to Loy that I was picking the boat up this weekend and really wanted to be able to use the card, I even offered to pay expedited return shipping. He said he would do what he could to speed up the process.

Yesterday, I sent a follow-up email asking if they had received the card. Loy advised me that it was not yet in their system, but because I provided a tracking number, he would go ahead and process the new card order for me. I received tracking info last night (Thursday) but it was evidently too new and was not yet in the UPS system. I just checked again this morning and the card will be here by end of day today, at no additional cost to me!

I know this has been a rather lengthy post, but I really wanted to get the story out there to this community. I have no affiliation with Garmin, am not a dealer or representative. I am an IT guy working remotely from my house in Key Largo. I cannot say enough about the service Garmin has provided, even though they are fully aware that I purchased the card from on online retailer.

Well done Garmin! In a world of rapidly declining customer service standards, it is extremely appreciated that you are standing behind your product and going above and beyond. Given all things remaining equal, I will be a Garmin customer for life.

03-24-2012, 02:55 AM
Cool stuff, I find that very typical of Garmin.

03-24-2012, 03:10 AM
X2, I've found Garmin service to be top notch, unlike some of their products.

03-24-2012, 04:52 AM
You know there is a $200 rebate on that Visin card too right?

Reel Kahuna
03-24-2012, 05:08 AM
You know there is a $200 rebate on that Visin card too right?

Pray tell

Magnolia Sun
03-24-2012, 06:02 AM
Yep....Confirmed on the g2 Vision card. I posted here the other day & nobody responded.

Good deal either way!

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