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View Full Version : Another JL question / advice

03-21-2012, 08:11 PM
Hi I'm looking at some speakers and an amp to upgrade my sound which right now is fairly terrible. I realize that I would like at least a pair of JL 7.7" component speakers and possibly add another pair at a later date if I can figure out where to mount them (space is an issue as is money).

My main question is: If I get a Alpine PDX-5M amp, would that be able to properly power the JL M series or would I need to spend the extra $300 for a JL MHD900/5?

Is there a huge difference betweent the 2 amps?

If the Alpine amp isn't sufficient to power the M series, but I decide that I can't swing the extra coin for the JL amp (doing my taxes sometime this week and my refund will fund the purchase), should I look at the MX series? Is the sound difference that much?

03-22-2012, 04:07 AM
just depends on how pick you are with the music and how loud you want to play it. more power going to a higher rated speaker will play louder and cleaner at the high end of the volume spectrum. That being said if you dont go sit at a sandbar and try to let the boat 3 down hear what you are listening to then the alpine or any amp is fine. The mx speakers are fine as well. If you were to play the two at the same volume in the midrange youd never tell the difference. However, with all that being said i have 2 mhd 900s and 8 m 7.7s with 4 10ib subs. makes the girls wiggle more

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