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View Full Version : 1999 Suburban 4x4 For Sale

02-12-2012, 07:37 AM
Bought new - Original owner. LT model: full leather and all options (can scan and email picture of the sticker if needed).

Odometer read is 156,000

New (2011) Vortec V8 engine replacement (<6,000 miles); 3-year/36,000 mile warranty
Newer (2010) Transmission replacement (<12,000 miles); 2 years left under warranty; this is a 9 disc heavy duty tranny.
New (2011) Class IV heavy duty Reese hitch
New (2011) Suspension (all new shocks)
New (2011) 245 / 16 Cooper HT Tires

4x4 differentials work great. No problems. Same service station has performed all maintenance and repairs since new; 2" stack of all documentation retained and will provide if requested.

Vehicle has NEVER been in an accident or had any flood or similar damage.

This is now simply a tow vehicle for me.
It's reliable and comfortable to drive but I haven't put money into miscellaneous "fringe" repairs:

Condensor works, but AC lines are rusted out
Electric locks are "iffy"
Cracked driver's side mirror
Cracked windshield (upper right, pattern doesn't star and no leaks - branch fell on it during ice storm)[/SIZE]

I hate to sell a good vehicle; rather give it to one of my kids, but it's too big and thirsty for their needs, and everyone knows the story on trade value. I really just want it out of the driveway at this point. Someone will get a great deal on this truck. You'd pay about the same for original powertrain if bought off a used car lot.

I used this truck to pull my 20' Scout everywhere and it's perfect for that, and maybe a bit bigger, boat. It will NOT pull well past the load rating of 5,000 LBS. Flats boats, bay boats, aluminum etc . . . excellent; in fact probably overkill on many; but not designed to haul bigger weight. I need my F250 PSD to pull the Albemarle.


02-16-2012, 04:15 PM
$100 drop

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