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View Full Version : Raising Boat Bunks

02-03-2012, 08:39 AM
Hello Everyone!

My name is Clayton, and I am a long time lurker of this site. I have spent the better part of the past three days or so searching through the forums here and have found a bunch of useful information.

I am getting ready to install a new Airmar B60 transducer in my boat (a Chaparral 220 ssi) and will be replacing the current Lowrance Skimmer transom unit that I have right now. Unfortunately, the only place that will work for the placement of the transducer is right between one of the boat bunks and hull. In order to prevent any damage to the transducer, I was planning on using a router to notch out about a 1/4" groove in the one bunk so that the weight of the boat is not setting directly on the transducer. I figured that this was also be the perfect time to just rebunk the trailer as well since the wood is getting cracked and the carpet is falling apart.

Anyway, my boat fits the trailer nicely except for the fact that there is only about 3/4" of space between the hull and the trailer fenders. If the boat is not loaded on perfect, then it will set on the fenders and rub the gelcoat. If the boat is loaded correctly (which is the obvious solution anyway) this isn't a problem, but I was thinking that if I am redoing the bunks anyway, why not add some spacers between the bunk brackets and the bunks, say about 1/2" to give me a little more leeway with loading the boat. Is this a smart or not smart thing to do? Will adding a 1/2" spacer throw off the geometry of how the bunks are configured? Unfortunately, my trailer is non-adjustable so I cannot raise, move or otherwise adjust my trailer.

Here are some pictures of how the boat sets on the trailer:

Thanks, Clay

02-03-2012, 08:57 AM
Here's what I would do cuz I like the easy way out. Purchase two 12 foot 2x4's, peel off the old carpet on the current bunks, then counter sink drill a 1/4" hole and bolt an additional lenth of 2x4 over top of the old bunk. Cut to length then put carpet over the top 2x4 and sandwiching the material between the top/bottom 2x4. Voulla, you have raised the boat 2" up from the fender and have recarpeted the bunks in the process.


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