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View Full Version : TDE Brakes on Wesco Trailer

03-18-2011, 02:11 AM
I've read a lot hear how the Tie Down Engineering brakes are failing and don't last very long. I have a one year old tandem trailer with brakes on one axle, used 50/50 salt and fresh water.

What do I need to look out for to fail on these brakes? Thanks

03-18-2011, 02:30 AM
As with all disc brakes, the basic fail mode is when the piston freezes or binds in the caliper causing a lockup or overheating. The second is when the caliper locks on the mounting pins (ceases to float on the disc). I've got three years on tie downs (dual axle trailer) dunked regularly in salt. No issues thusfar, replaced one set of pads. The secret is a good washdown after dunking.

03-18-2011, 11:59 AM
Wesco only used to use Kodiak brakes. Hate to hear they cheapened up the trailer.

03-18-2011, 12:29 PM
My 2004 Wesco had tie down elcheapos. They still work BARELY, but are SHOT and REALLY need to be replaced.

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