Trucks & Trailers - progressive oil change?

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View Full Version : progressive oil change?

02-27-2011, 01:52 PM
Anyone ever heard of it? I was in a class (non related) and got to talking to the instructor. I told him that I switched to mobil 1 in one of my vehicles and he did the same and says he does a progressive oil change now. He describes it as : every 3k miles he changes the oil filter and just replaces the oil that is discarded in the filter and whatever extra might drain out. He says it takes about 1/2 to 3/4 qt or oil. He just does this repeatedly and never drains all the oil.

I'm skeptical, but what do you all think?

Is this an effective way to manage engine oil?


02-27-2011, 02:23 PM
That is one of the claims of synthetic oil, that it will last many many more miles than conventional oil.

I have read of guys running syn oil for 10K miles or more, and just changing filters at 5K intervals.

Personally, if I have to crawl under the truck to change the filter, I might as well change the oil while I'm at it.
I know the numbers have been crunched to justify the higher cost of syn oil vs the longer change intervals it's supposedly capable of, but I have a problem with leaving such a critical fluid in my engine that long.

Unless it's an application that requires the increased capabilities that syn oil brings, I'll just stick with dino oil or syn blends.
Full syn doesn't make it run any better, or give enough MPG improvement to offset the increased cost IMHO.

The 8.8 rear axle in my F150 requires syn oil. If ford had put a "proper" sized axle in my truck, it wouldn't need syn oil to live......
I'll probably never break it with out trying to break it, but it would be a whole lot more comfortable to me if I knew that I couldn't break it even if I tried.......

03-01-2011, 11:18 AM
Everyone has an opinion on dino vs. synthetic. I have been running Mobil-1 in everything since the late seventies, and would never use dino. We were convinced by some testing Ford did back in the mid-seventies where they ran a Lincoln at fifty thousand mile intervals, tore it down and inspected it, then ran it another fifty with the same oil. No wear until over 300k.Dino test car, with new oil every 3k showed wear at 80k and went down hill from there. Granted dino oil, and engines have progressed since then, but it was an interesting comparison. Later in life when I was directly involved in outboard racing we ran syn in engines turning over 9500 rpm without lubrication failures. Dino oils were not reliably comparable. Yes it costs more, but in my mind it is cheap insurance.

As for the OP original question, I change mine every ten thousand miles. I used to change the filters every five, but quality filters have progressed, and I have gotten lazy, so not so much any more.

I disagree with n3up about the axle needing syn because it is lighter duty. Most of those decisions by mfg these days are about cutting as much friction as possible in search of every last bit of mileage. Meeting the CAFE averages is getting tougher and tougher every day.

03-01-2011, 04:45 PM
Your instructor might be on to a good idea. A couple of years ago read a post by a long distance trucker. He said on his newer rig they never changed oil. The truck was designed to feed a gallon of oil into the cylinders to burn it off at set intervals and they just added a fresh gallon and went from there.

My personal experiences are the older I get the longer I wait to change oil and I see no ill effects. Growing up, my father thought it was a waste of money to change oil. He just added it when it was needed. He ran the crap out of his car and trucks and never suffered any oil related problems in the motors. Personally I think people waste money by changing it to often.

On my 2002 Ford 250 Diesel automatic I drain the transmission pan once a year (about 6 quarts) and add fresh. 82,000 on the truck and fluid looks like new when it comes out the drain.

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