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06-24-2010, 10:44 AM
I recently bought a Garmin Oregon 450 that I would like to use for hiking and for a back-up on my boat. I may also want to use it occasionally as a routing GPS in my car. I haven't purchased any map cards yet, and I'd like to get a few answer before I shell out $300 or $400 for those.

I live in Michigan, and I am interested in purchasing the BlueCharts g2 maps, the Great Lakes Topo 24K maps, and the City Navigator North America maps. The BlueCharts g2 maps appear to be available only on a pre-loaded micro-SD card, or as a download for a micro-SD card. The Topo 24K map is available on DVD, on a micro-SD card, or by download. The City Navigator software is also available on DVD, on a micro-SD card, or by download.

I would like to be able use the Oregon 450 for all three phases of an upcoming boating/camping trip. First, I would like to use road map/routing function to get from home to the boat launch in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Then I would like to use the BlueCharts g2 maps (as a back-up) to get to Isle Royale, and to navigate around the island. Then I would like to use the Topo maps while I'm hiking on the island. I would like to do all of this without having to repeatedly switch out micro-SD cards in the GPS.

My questions have to do with the format in which to purchase the maps. Since the BlueCharts g2 maps only come as a pre-loaded micro-SD card or as a download for a micro-SD card, I assume that means that I am going to have to have a micro-SD card in the GPS's card slot with the BlueCharts maps on it in order to use them. Is this a correct assumption, or is there a way to load the BlueCharts (or a portion of them) into the GPS's internal memory?

With regard to the City Navigator and the Topo 24K map, can those maps (or portions of those maps) be loaded into the internal memory, or will I have to plug in a separate micro-SD card to use each of those?

Is there any way that I could load selected portions of the BlueCharts, City Navigator, and Topo 24K all on to one micro-SD card and use only that card during my trip?

I seached the Garmin website and I couldn't find much help regarding these questions. Can anybody here help me out?

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