Northeast - Easiest T Top Outriggers to employ?

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02-14-2010, 08:05 AM
I'm looking to purchase a quality 16ft outrigger to bolt to my Hydrasport 2400 CC Vectra for tuna fishing in the N.East or maybe just a center mount outrigger bolted to the tee top railing.
My fishing buddy has the Lee Sidewinders on his 26 ft Regulator that seem difficult to engage as they are manually lifted vertically from above instead of from under the T Top. I have a bridge to clear on each trip whereby they need to be in the down flat running position and if the conditions on the grounds are lumpy I would rather work from under the tee top to set them into position. Would the Taco Grand Slams be a better choice? I also see the new graphite CE Smiths poles to be much lighter,stiffer but 2x more expensive and could apparently work in combination with any of the major manufacturers.
I'm also considering only a center outrigger with the lighter graphite Smith pole to keep it simple, possibly placing the pole inside one of the existing welded t-top rod holders or purchasing the Taco Rigger bolt on mount for a more optimum angle. I primarily fish with one other person on board in weedy waters maneuvering often around fixed buoyed gear in Maine. I seldom will be running more than two lines from outriggers in addition to flat lines. Thanks for any feedback!

02-14-2010, 09:10 AM
see reply to your other post

taco 350

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