Dockside Chat - push or ride?

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View Full Version : push or ride?

04-06-2008, 07:05 PM
moving to a new house in a few weeks. about a half acre of grass. figured i'd pick up a self-propelled push mower to start with... but i'm wondering how long it is gonna take me. any guesses? probably 21 or 22 inch cut...

04-07-2008, 04:22 AM
For a couple hundred more bucks, the el cheapo ones at Lowes. etc, will do the job for about 5 years.

04-07-2008, 12:31 PM
Watch out buying self propelled as they will slow you down. Allot of the new self propelled run very slow and you will find that you could use a bush mower much quicker.

04-07-2008, 01:21 PM
Get on Craig's list and barter whatever it is you do for some grass whacking. Mowing sucks, really really sucks. I kicked that piece of shizat to the curb three years ago and never looked back.


Domino Effect
04-07-2008, 01:43 PM
If you have the entire 1/2 acre to cut less the square footage of the house and driveway then weed eat and trim you are looking in the neighborhood of at least 3 hours.

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