The Carolinas - Hoping to go fishing during the week....

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Jetty Jay
07-08-2007, 01:53 PM
Just checked the local near shore forecast for Little River SC out 20 miles. Does not look great this week. All the fishing reports I have read so far is the fishing is a little slow. It was great last week . Lost a lot of tackle (bite offs) wire leaders too! And short strikes.
Lots of bait in the water but kings are scattered. Today didnt look too bad, but the wife wanted me to go to Lowes and do the garden thingy. If the weather gods permit I will run to the jungle at least once this week. Need to change my sparkplugs first, all the trolling is hard on the plugs. Last week on tuesday, just when I was ready to head in, I had a smoker peel my line non stop. I ended up staying out later and making passes over the area he slammed me. And ended up getting to my slip at dark, washing down the boat and getting eat'in up by mosquitos. But I love it! ~JJ~

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