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View Full Version : Raymarine chartplotter question

Raider Ron
06-06-2007, 08:56 PM
We have 2 Raymarine C120s on our Team Ave maria 29 hydrasport and are still learning everything there is to know about them, being new to Raymarine . I have all Garmin and Furuno stand alone units on my Parker, and the old boat that the hydrasport replaced had Furuno and Raytheon and Sixex.
My question,
When navigating to a waypoint, the dotted course line is barely able to be seen (my Garmin gives me a bright yellow and red line easily seen when going to a point or following a route or track)
Is there was setting to be changed to brighten this course line?
We use the radar to navigate quite a bit also, it gives a red course line a bit better, but nothing like my Garmin!!!
Changing range in or out is ridiculously slow to update compared to my Garmin, is there a setting that can be changed to speed it up ???
1 last thing,
Can the position of the cursor or ship be moved so it shows more on the screen in which the vessel is heading instead of the cursor or vessels position in the center of the screen.
My opinion of these Raymarine units,
Radar, awesome !!!
Sounder , awesome, but I think my Furuno digital is better.
Chartplotter, I'll take my Garmin over Raymarine anyday !!!
Thanks in advance

06-06-2007, 11:16 PM
I use the Nav screen (looks like a highway) when nav to a waypoint, split the screen with chartplotter on one side and nav screen on other side - just keep the boat down the middle, much easier tha running off the chart. Should have the choice available when you hit the page button and get "softkey" screen options on the bottom. If its not there - press and hold the page button, you will then get screen sets to choose from. chose one that has the nav info screen or better yet - choose the custom set and make your own combinations. I have 10 different screen sets between the 2 E-80s at the touch of a button - all are custom. With a press and Hold of the button I have 50 different combinations to choose from.

Not sure about increasing the "refresh" of the screen - but prbably can be done in the Menu or as Jim Z has done - eliminating NMEA data sentences that are not needed. I have not done anything with mine and it vrtually refreshes real time, never had a problem with it being slow.

As far as the Offest - it is a choice available in the presentation softkey on the chart screen, hit presentation and another set of softkeys pops up offering you the choice to offset the chart with the bottom of the screen 1/3 and the top 2/3 - so you are looking more at whats in front of you. You can do the same with the radar. and you can also overlay the radar onto the chart. Just make sure you are in the same orientation (heads up, north up, etc) and the same Range. Hope this helps

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