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View Full Version : Lowrance VHF

06-06-2007, 04:54 PM
Is the $100 Lowrance VHF a decent unit relative to its price? What other $100 fixed based VHF units would you recommend?

capt hook
06-06-2007, 04:59 PM ml

06-06-2007, 05:18 PM
Thanks, that looks like a good unit

06-07-2007, 08:17 AM
Check the threads on the owner of River Marine Supply seems he was caught robbing his competitors. Look at the
thread on the boating forum about alternatives to suppliers like West Marine and follow the thread there. This is
a current thread.

I am curious about the Lowrance VHF too, I purchased one for $90 about two months ago but have not used it yet.
I did test it on the bench and in the boat and the power and modulation seems to be good. I was a radio tech
years ago for Motorola and Furuno so have some experience on the subject. I felt it was better to spend more on
the antenna setup (about $130 for ratchet mount, 4 ft extension and 36" base loaded coil antenna) than the
radio. Place more emphasis on the antenna installation and you will get better results. Lots of good radios out
there are connected to poor antenna installations.


06-07-2007, 09:48 AM
Good advice, thanks Steve

06-08-2007, 10:43 AM
I had the lowrance on my last boat with an 8 foot decent antenna. I had great experience with it. I talked to my buddies quite a few times and when we got back to camp we looked at map to see where we were and figured we were at least 20 miles apart and can talk clear. My new boat had a Uniden installed, but I have not had a chance to real world test yet.

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