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View Full Version : Dash Panel Who Makes Them ????

03-22-2007, 12:21 PM
I Have A 96 Searay Laguna And The Sun Has Taken Its Toll On The Plastic Dash Panel,.... Who Makes New Ones???? I Have Not Check The Dealer Yet, Thought Maybe There Was A Company That Re-Cut New Ones For Different Boat Companys.... I Could Make The Outside Cuts, But The Switches Are The Square Hole Rockers And They Are Even-ly Spaced....


03-22-2007, 02:34 PM
I've seen this site talked about.....

Glen E
03-22-2007, 02:35 PM

03-22-2007, 03:57 PM
Call thunder marine, ask for Dave in service. He had a new dash made up for me, looks like factory...don't know who he used but it was a great job. Check out the THT link to see pics of the dash.

4701 95th St.
St. Petersburg, FL 33708

03-22-2007, 03:58 PM
Check here:

You may get lucky.

03-22-2007, 05:18 PM
Find Scott C on

He has a CNC laser and is making custom switch panels, dash panels, and logo's for the guys.

Wally Bell
03-22-2007, 05:39 PM
If you are in the Melbourne area...check out Boat House Discount. They buy a lot of manufacturer over runs. It's been a few years but last time I was in there I remember an aisle full of panels from different OEM's. Might be a hit or miss thing but there were panels stacked deep in there...I do remember seeing some Sea Ray panels.

Local Motion
03-22-2007, 05:54 PM
Dash. Make your own. Starboard material. Works great.

The last time I made one I used mohogany. Also looks great.

03-22-2007, 06:09 PM
Make your own, all it takes is a hole saw and a piece of material that meets your specs. Starboard, plywood, fiberglass, whatever.

03-23-2007, 10:38 AM
I Know I Could Make My Own, But How Do You Cut Small Square Holes For The Switches??????? I Could Use A Jig Saw But Theres Not Much Room For Error On The Switches.... "Boat House Discount" Anyone Have A Web Site Or Phone #.....

03-23-2007, 10:45 AM
There is a surplus company out of Melbourne Fla that has lots of Sea Ray stuff along with many other items from other manufacturers of boats and engines. Ken has great prices and great to work with.

03-23-2007, 02:38 PM
If all else fails try

Wally Bell
03-23-2007, 03:52 PM
Just received the new blueseas catalog yesterday. Panel plugs are listed in it.

03-23-2007, 04:55 PM
Whats Blueseas Web Site..???? Doesn't Work...


03-24-2007, 04:37 AM Yeah, Blue Sea stuff is the best.

03-24-2007, 12:56 PM
Get in touch with the people at, phone 954-928-1714. This is what they do for a living. I saw their work at the Fort lauderdale show. excellant. I will be contacting them myself for a dash replacement.

Raybo Marine NY
03-24-2007, 08:34 PM
for the price that Scott C charges you would be crazy to make your own.

he makes them from corrosion proof materials, most of the others are aluminum.

he back lites them with LEDs if needed.

He pre-wires all of it- its plug and play, your new panel will be installed in minutes.

He uses waterproof switches and circuit breakers or fuses.

He will make the thing in whatever size and shape and configuration you want.

And he is a gentleman to deal with and has a VERY quick turn-around.

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