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  1. Avet Reel Lubrication Question
  2. I want to go White Marlin Fishing
  3. I folks FNG here
  4. Cool tuna fishing movies
  5. Rookie needs help
  6. Reccomendations for best drag scale?
  7. Fishing Skills
  8. computer virus
  9. Florida Sailfish We Are Here!
  10. New WR Yellowfin caught
  11. Shimano tld 50lrsa
  12. Connley custom rods ???
  13. Appears NOAA and Govt. is bending to Rec. anglers pressure
  14. First week of December (Miami Beach)
  15. Saragosa vs. Saltist
  16. 405!!! Yellowfin!!!
  17. Menhaden oil
  18. Whats your go to dolphin lure?
  19. where can i find GPS coor for oil rigs in gulf
  20. Where to buy fresh fish in Panama City?
  21. Bimini Wahoo in December
  22. Experences with the Modulure
  23. Miss Cecile - - - 2010 in Review
  24. Safest Inlet
  25. Something to make this winter
  26. Adding small marlin tower to my walk around half tower
  27. Life of mono
  28. Islander Balyhoo Rigging...
  29. Anybody stacking braid ?
  30. 50W braid or mono?
  31. castle nut 2000 yamaha 200 hp
  32. Rat-L-Trap Super Trap
  33. Spectra - Mono Stretch
  34. The Weatherman lied…… Again
  35. Nighttime Swords on 30TW?
  36. Rod Info Needed
  37. Bent butt vs. straight?
  38. Canyon Runner Giant Tuna - First Fish in 15 Minutes - Seminar Update
  39. 32/0 Penn?
  40. Double Marlins with Tuna action December 3 Costa Rica Fishing Report
  41. Guatemala Shared Fishing Trip Special NEED TWO
  42. Father/son bonefish trip in Hawaii
  43. your favorite rig, bait or lure for spring stripedbass on longisland.
  44. Onslow Bay Boat 27XS Build Thread
  45. Need a Charter recommendation Islamorada, Hawks Cay or Marathon
  46. Spinning reel recomendation for Trevala jigging rod
  47. Trolling for Grouper using planers
  48. If you had to pick only one lure/bait.....
  49. A game from our friends at EDF
  50. Do You Remember This Guy?
  51. TLD25 drag limit observed
  52. Marlin bite is on! Quepos Fishing pics December 1
  53. Braid is a bright Blue. Any Ideas? It looks like 80lb maybe
  54. What rod for stripedbass jigging and bottom fishing ??
  55. Grouper Trolling?
  56. Diving trolling lure
  57. best general purpose teaser
  58. Best Saltwater fishing Magazine
  59. If you had the money which would you buy? And why?
  60. Fish Hawk vs. Intellitroll vs. Depth Raider
  61. What's the WORST lure you've ever fished?
  62. What avet for jigging???
  63. What type of Offshore fish are the BEST to eat?
  64. What is the different between a TLD 30 vs. TLD30A
  65. What jigging rod for Penn 16 VSX?
  66. Canyon Runner Seminars - Video Training & Melton Tackle's Own Breakout Session!
  67. The strangest fishing hook you have ever seen (a gun)
  68. hiring a captain for a 52 viking (questions)
  69. advice on bottomfish combo's
  70. Advice On Fishing Out Of Key West / Stock Island, FL Dec/2010 - Updated With Pics
  71. First Wahoo
  72. Spooling Up An Accurate B2-50 Reel
  73. Posting some info for a friend/Boat available in Isla Mujeres
  74. Lost Dear Family Friend - doing what he loves
  75. Newbie Reel Mounting Question
  76. Opinions, Penn international 130VSX
  77. most productive fishing this time of year???
  78. Spooled!
  79. High Drag Spinning Reels - 35+ lbs
  80. Sailfish on Fly off Durban
  81. Replica Fish Mount
  82. Stella for high speed wahoo trolling?
  83. Catch Shares coming...for recreational anglers!
  84. Picture of Puerto Vallarta Snapper
  85. Surflon 7x7 wire that you can tie knots with....opinions?
  86. Side Planer Failure?
  87. Penn Mariner Stand Up Rod??
  88. Looking for a good line stripper
  89. Great Video on the ABC's of Planer Fishing
  90. Daytime swordfishing techniques and rigging...
  91. Backing plate for electric reels...
  92. Virgin Islands Charter Business Needs takeover
  93. North Carolina BFT rules
  94. How much does this weigh?
  95. 11/20/10 drum fishing with liquid fire
  96. Giving Thanks!!
  97. How do you catch ballyhoo?
  98. A Million dollar OUCH!!!!
  99. Tweet tweet, Tweet tweet...
  100. catch shares at work / fishermen out of work
  101. Headed out Wednesday
  102. Xtender Outriggers- Any info???
  103. NMFS Phone Survey
  104. Amberjack Food Value
  105. Yozuri Bonita rigging question
  106. Need Recommendation for Penn 114hlw setup
  107. My Connley Standup Rods Are Finished
  108. South Florida Weekend report
  109. used Diawa elect reels on ebay?
  110. Working on some bait balls
  111. Amberjack 2010
  112. Where to buy " Rod Hookie"
  113. Hawaiian Bonefish on the way to Xmas Is.
  114. Looking for tuna bag
  115. Found a worthy cause
  116. I need a patent attorney to help me protect this design lol
  117. North Carolina BFT Bite?
  118. Transporting Rods/Reels
  119. Electra mate reels
  120. Cast Net For A Ten Year Old
  121. knots
  122. What length rod???
  123. Boat boots
  124. Big Musky gets off at the boat
  125. Anyone from Seychelles Africa?
  126. Offshore fishing. How many times a year>
  127. Trolling eels?
  128. Looking for a good soft tackle bag
  129. Has anyone ordered from
  130. Durban Dorado take Revenge
  131. Overnight Trip?
  132. Another Happy Contender owner - Mag Bay trip
  133. owner/captain split
  134. Roller guide question
  135. Tiagra 50wlrs vs. Avet 50w
  136. 2nd best shimano mid size spin reel
  137. Rigging ballyhoo
  138. Marlin lure rigging.
  139. 9/0 Pulling Planers
  140. Penn Slammer Live Liner problem
  141. Sailfish and Multiple Dorado Hook up off Durban
  142. Has anyone here used this lure?
  143. Montauk - Bass Anyone?
  144. Cedar plugs?
  145. Please explain to me about trolling "Birds"
  146. Average life of a castnet?
  147. Tunamojo
  148. Best place to purchase fishing charts?
  149. Diver decides to take my boat fishing, what do I need??
  150. WTB: Fin-Nor Megalite 5000 or Penn Battle 4000
  151. would you go 30W or 50W if??
  152. Problems w/ st.croix rods
  154. 2speed reel
  155. Key West fishing
  156. Spider Hitch for big fish?
  157. So I'm reading a fishing magazine today and our very own Birdman is in it...
  158. Amberjack Rigging...
  159. Ideas for a wall mounted fishing rod/reel holder
  160. Pliers?
  161. Gamkatsu Vs Owner
  162. Looking to buy a 50 reel
  163. Lots of Marlin and Tuna action! Quepos, Costa Rica November 10 Fishing Report with pi
  164. Luanda Sailfish Classic 2010 - Day 1 report
  165. Congressman Jones (NC) Re: Catch Shares
  166. Setting Drag on Tiagra 30W
  167. Best small conventional saltwater reel
  168. St. Thomas Fishing
  169. Quick video on how we pull our dredges for sailfish
  170. ideas for shipping rods
  171. Canyon Runner where are you???
  172. How close to an oil rig can you fish?
  173. Which drag washers???
  174. Addictive Fishing - What happened to the thread?
  175. 55-60 cu ft helium tank for kite fishing balloons
  176. 2007-2008 29 Regulator
  177. Shimano Tyrnos reels--any good?
  178. Finding rips/Temperature breaks
  179. Recommendations for a 30 lb class live bait casting rod?
  180. Trolling Weights (Trigger snaps vs. Coastlock)
  181. Lures vs. Bait
  182. Bad batch 55lb Diawa Samuri Yellow Braid?
  183. Tough spinning rod
  184. Suggestions for TLD 25 rods...rollers?
  185. Omoto/Atlas/Stingray reel information
  186. Lit'up Striper Video
  187. Atlas reels
  188. Guatemala Fishing Report -November2010
  189. Little Lion Man has a brother get in on the action...
  190. C.E. Smith 15' Carbon Fiber Outriggers
  191. Video of my "Little Lion Man!"
  192. Catch Shares announced as NOAA Policy
  193. Sportfishing Industry Applauds EPA’s Decision to Reject
  194. Instalation Question Lee OH277T Outrigger Holders
  195. Two Monster Bass on One CAST!! video
  196. Best way to hook a live bottom bait?
  197. Shimano Torsa 40 vs Talica 25II
  198. Winterize The Boat Lift
  199. Casting with conventionals
  200. Marauders Still Rock!!!
  201. Florida Winter Sails
  202. Reel rigging question (Braid/Mono/Flouro)
  203. Angola: Up and Coming
  204. Wwb reel
  205. Pelagic extreme reels
  206. Do you think 50w Reels are "outdated" ?
  207. Aerial Dorado Photos from Quepos, Costa Rica. End of October Fishing Report!
  208. A five star floating fishing and diving hotel
  209. Why grey lenses offshore and amber inshore?
  210. Big Yellowfin : Guess the weight
  211. Pirates Cove Crew 2010...The Video
  212. Bear Paw line leader connectors
  213. avet exw 30/2 what line to use?
  214. two color sinking fly line
  215. Multihook Deep Drop Set-up Help...
  216. Rollers for outrigger halyards?
  217. Anyone here invited to the IGFA World Offshore Tournament in Cabo?
  218. Drag Question
  219. What's the difference in a Tiagra 80W and a 80WA?
  220. Canyon Runner Fall Striper Reports - Plenty of Fish - More to Come
  221. Tuna Exportation Research Paper, I could use a little help
  222. catching bait question
  223. How to rig worms on circle hooks?
  224. Avet EXW 4/02 Clicker Questions
  225. live well questions
  226. Best Cabo Charter
  227. best type of anchor for rocky bottoms? (Plum Island area NY)?
  228. Bisbee XXX Black and Blue thanks....
  229. Dyneema braid
  230. Florida Keys Trip... need recommendations
  231. Another Deep Dropping Thread
  232. October Gulf Council Meeting
  233. TLD 25 needs Alan Tani's help
  234. Bottom fishing with braid?
  235. Catch Share for Rec Fishing, More Government Control !
  236. Belmar blackfish rig
  237. Catch shares in works for charters
  238. Line for New Offshore Setup
  239. cod fish
  240. Shimano Baitrunner 6000 or 8000
  242. Spoons for trolling - Brands? Size?
  243. Going to punta cana
  244. Free coolers
  245. Critique this trolling spread....
  246. Trying to find Rocket launchers--
  247. reel seat clamp
  248. Stella 10k Combo question
  249. FIshing Ethics Amongst Friends
  250. Warm Winter Fishing

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