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  1. Reel to large for reel seat, what to do?
  2. Catch shares on the east coast
  3. New Tackle Station on the Sailfish 236~
  4. Having reels serviced
  5. Outriggers?
  6. Wire line spool, Brass or Aluminium ???
  7. Frozen Ballyhoo by the case
  8. Stripers
  9. Getting Ready for Tuna Tournament - - - How?
  10. fishing report...
  11. Learning to tie new knots
  12. West Palm Fishing starting the 27th?
  13. Best online price for TLD 25's or combos?
  14. Any info on L.L. Bean fishing reels?
  15. striped Bass contest Hudson River
  16. Lure making?
  17. Anchorage Alaska
  18. OU Hatteras - Wow, what a day on the Bluefin
  19. DSC VHF work with NMEA0183?
  20. Rod vs. Pole
  21. CITES Apendix 1 For BFT Denied !!!!!
  22. Charleston SC Fishing Spots
  23. UN rejects export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna
  24. Pirate's Cove Tuna Round-up June 4-5
  25. Flyfishing? Do we want a separate forum for it?
  26. fishing spot
  27. homemade
  28. looking to buy my first "boat" HELP
  29. Fountain Baitwell trouble Help !!! Please
  30. gulf coucil apointments red alert
  31. tuna fillet weight vs actual weight
  32. Marlin, Tuna and Sails ... Oh My! Costa Rica Fishing Report!
  33. Shimano Voltaeus
  34. Color changing mono
  35. Mako Magnets are they Worth It?
  36. contact # for pinnacle marine?
  37. *** Double Trouble BlueFin Video Part 1 and Part 2 ***
  38. Offshore - Florida coast
  39. Handheld GPS
  40. Trolling Line Help
  41. avet 30 2 speed on a crowder
  42. What not to!!!!!
  43. Some new Jigging rods!!
  44. cast net - size and mesh
  45. Is this a good boat? and for me?!
  46. Hi Vis line no good for Tuna at night?
  47. bermuda
  48. Stand Up Fighting Belt Recommendation
  49. How many fish offshore 30mi + using a 5 in chartplotter ?
  50. Penn International 50 VSX vs. VSW
  51. Okuma Cedros Spinners
  52. Hilton Head Cobia - George Poveromo
  53. does anyone need 100 trinidad dog springs?
  54. Dominican Republic
  55. Which braid on Avet LX and Daiwa BG 90's?
  56. Ft. Myers Beach, FL Surf Fishing Help!
  57. Who Has Tried This ??
  58. Rod drop etiquitte
  59. Costa Rica Longlines and Fishing report
  60. What is it with all the doo rags on fishermens faces?
  61. Kingfish Begineer Setup
  62. NOAA Top Fish Cop shreds Docs while under IG Investigation...
  63. Anyone Know What Fish This Is???
  64. Best Gear For Tuna Fishing At A Low Price?
  65. Windon leaders and artificial lures
  66. Barnegat Ridge Help
  67. Florida Billfish Masters Tournament
  68. OU - Abaco Bahamas Fishing and Cruising Trip
  69. Penn International Reels
  70. Rods comparable to shimano crucial and braid question
  71. King salmon sport fishing from Dillingham AK
  72. Fishing Rod guides Adhesive?
  73. Any collectors out there?
  74. Stella 20000SW
  75. Braid to Mono conversion?
  76. Angola Africa Fishing newguy
  77. April fishing in SC
  78. New Fishing Maps
  79. We Have No Say
  80. Flaming/Carrillo Costa Rica & Mr Trigger
  81. Guatemala Fishing Report March 9th 2010 - Boom to Bust
  82. new orleans
  83. culled out
  84. Torium 20 vs. Diawa Saltist 40H for jigging
  85. Length Of Leader Behind Bird?
  86. live ballyhoo rigging
  87. Glenn Beck Yesterday
  88. Question about Oil Rig
  89. Lockwood Folly or Cape Fear
  90. KINGFISH fishing.... Video......
  91. My High speed WAHOO LURE
  92. More grouper closures?
  93. Sportfish Scuppers
  94. Glenn Beck fights for rec fishing!!
  95. Black Drum Fishing
  96. Taco Outrigger Base Reducer
  97. Anybody buy from MidWestHuntersOutlet?
  98. The IGFA is For a Cites listing for BFT
  99. Shark fishing in georgia
  100. Manitoba and NW Ontario
  101. Trolling Gear?
  102. best reel for planer rods?
  103. Leader Length
  104. CC Outrigger Maintenance/Questions
  105. Best outrigger release clip for both braid and mono
  106. New Obama rules may prohibit citizens from fishing
  107. Obama task force to end public input
  108. Roffers Ocean Fishing Forecast Service
  109. Shimano Triton Beastmaster reels
  110. Monster Tog!
  111. Gearing Up - Recommendations?
  112. outrigger recommendations?
  113. Need fishing help Islamorada next week
  114. Problems with Accurate ???
  115. cigar weight trolling
  116. wanted: gulfstream charter around myrtle beach area
  117. Any Expierence with Okuma Solterras?
  118. The Best Fish For Freezing?
  119. options instead of haylocks??
  120. What do you think about the new Ardent Flip n pitch?
  121. Braid choices
  122. Are they the same?
  123. Pier fishing thread mainly carolinas-oak island
  124. Keys fish traps and shrimp trawler bag limit
  125. Braid backing question
  126. Wonder how much these fines are
  127. Please identify this marlin, caught in miami
  128. Graghite Outrigger "USERS"
  129. Taco Grand Slam outriggers
  130. Butteryfly Jig Cord
  131. Telescoping or Fixed Gunnel Outriggers?
  132. Handfeeding 200lb groper video
  133. Best Plan for Tuna in Cape Cod Bay
  134. Tuf-line 80lb Indicator line
  135. taco 350's
  136. How's bluefin tuna compared to yellowfin,bigeye or longfin
  137. crank handles
  138. the 2010 fred hall show, long beach california - 3/5/10
  139. Excellent service fromBallyhood Top Gun lures
  140. Best Offshore TackleBOX?
  141. Nice 'hoo's!
  142. 171# BFT on a PINK/CRYSTAL HOO MACHINE - Hatteras, NC
  143. Tampa Bay fishing charts
  144. Tuna netting update bahamas! It aint over!
  145. Shimano torium 30?
  146. I spent a while on this and think the best big game spin reel for under $100 is...
  147. Need suggestion where to fish this easter for billfish
  148. power anchor on Fountain 31 cc
  149. What degree rod holder??
  150. Airmar R99 2Kw Tranducers
  151. Biscayne nights, Everglades days (new report)
  152. Another overnight sucess out of louisiana
  153. Georgia fishing
  154. Cites Bluefin update...
  155. New England Fishermen READ THIS
  156. Zeiss Marine Binoculars
  157. Trifocal Rx Polarized Fishing Sunglasses for my dad...
  158. What braid for a small spinner
  159. Red-Fish Photo Tournament
  160. Gimbal for Ice Chest
  161. Offshore line
  162. US Supports CITES listing
  163. Kite Fishing HELP
  164. Commercial Kingfishing @ Fort Pierce, FL
  165. Costa Rica BillFishing... In decline?
  166. FL keys trolling spread
  167. Back-bay Rod & Reel
  168. The new Daiwa Saltist 6500 Spin?
  169. Venting Training Certification?
  170. Bimini Bahama's first trip!
  171. Precription sunglasses for fishing (CDM 580's?)
  172. Bahamian Government Rejects Pure [sic] Seining Petition
  173. Need a good charter in Key West...
  174. Blue water fishing Cancun....
  175. Bahamas Tuna Meeting FREEPORT(Video)
  176. FACEBOOK - 3000 !!! fans
  177. Softest Mono?
  178. What do you look for in an offshore trolling rod?
  179. Underwater Sailfish Video Isla Mujeres Mexico
  180. Treasure Cay - Fishing Spots
  181. Penn 9500SS(the older one made in USA) Versus the newer 950SSm (made in China)
  182. Outriggers?
  183. Center Rigger on CC
  184. Real suggestions
  185. Can anyone recommend a good fishing Capt. in Destin
  186. okuma convector CV 30L rebuild - 2/28/10
  187. Looking for some new rods
  188. teaser reels???
  189. powerpro and backing
  190. Jet Ski Fishing The Ditch, Specs and Pups
  191. Avet sx - too small??
  192. Atlantic Rancher Clothing???
  193. Any anglers in the Fort Myers, Fl area???
  194. outrigger length for Cape Horn 17?...
  195. Live Fishing for Fishing Tournaments
  196. Turks and Caicos Fishing
  197. I Think I Might Take Up Conventional Casting
  198. canyon runner seminar
  199. Why do I need backing on a Penn 113 with lead core...
  200. making wind on leaders
  201. WTB Jigging Reel for BFT??? !!!
  202. Favorite Blue Marlin Lures
  203. Great week in DC for fisherman
  204. favorite braid?
  205. oil rig-gulf of mexico
  206. Red Snapper, Amberjack and other Underestimated Species in the Gulf of Mexico.
  207. Rollup Bag for Knives? Other Suggestions?
  208. Downriggers
  209. Re-rigging my out riggers and center rigger
  210. nevermind
  211. Anyone put the Daiwa DF100A Giant Spinning reel to the test?
  212. Saltwater Seminar to be held at Coastal Carolina University
  213. Flaming Costa Rica & Mr Trigger
  214. Connley Fishing Rods pics
  215. Crowder rods
  216. Pelagics wanted---small boater needs a fix
  217. rod and reel class for the Keys
  218. Today I caught a BIG sierra.................
  219. Daiwa Opus and Emcasts 33# drag under $100=good reel though?
  220. Fishing in Maui
  221. Spead the word, email your charters!!
  222. 28'' 18.5 lb tog....
  223. Difference in Braids
  224. Wire Line vs Braid Depth
  225. fishing walker cay this summer
  226. Introducing Crimson Tide Charters
  227. Wahoo Fishing Video Report (Miami Beach)
  228. Penn 30VW vs. Avet Pro EXW 30/2 - How much drag?
  229. United We Fish Rally in DC
  230. charter options in orlando area end of march
  231. Jet Ski Fishing Makes The News Again!
  232. out rigger line secure mounting
  233. Omega Proteins mounts a Propaganda Campaign on YouTube...YouTube Censors Fisherman
  234. okuma makaira 50 II rebuild - 2/16/2010
  235. Favourite braid for smaller spinning reels
  237. Suggestions for a Replacement for Snapper in Tourney
  238. Source for Splashbar Frames
  239. Why you always go with the bigger boat!
  240. Bluewater Terminal Tackle
  241. Would it be dumb if fighting a fish and then
  242. Used spinning reel under $120 with 25#drag and holds lotsa line?
  243. Braid and Roller Guides
  244. Best fishing sunglasses?
  245. Lure leader size
  246. Fin-Nor Ahab
  247. International 80SW v 80STW
  248. Where to buy kevlar cord
  249. Avet MXL 5/8 reels
  250. Offshore Angler Ocean Master Lever Drag reels

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