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  1. Awesome Costa Rica Fishing Shirt
  2. Which tape to mark drags on big reels?
  3. Fish ID - No Picture
  4. Myrtle Beach fishing guides. Any suggestions?
  5. help ID this fish
  6. Ever wonder how minnow traps work??? [POV Video]
  7. Scuba tank for Helium ?
  8. Where to buy - Calstar Decal
  9. Are there multi-day long range charters in FL?
  10. Fishing/crabbing in Morocco
  11. Couple of lost phin and a pile of grouper
  12. West Central Night snapper
  13. Unation Launches 11-11-12 featuring Capt. Norm Isaacs as one of its fishing experts
  14. How to tie a Tandem Fluke Rig
  15. How to tie a bucktail
  16. How 2 tie a Bucktail Video
  17. 20 ft carbon riggers with roller halyards. Now using ronstan rollers.
  18. Need a new reel. What to buy?
  19. Koppers Saltwater Crank Bait
  20. The How 2 Fishing Show.. Jig Blackfish
  21. Free Cape Fear sports wear MegaTech shirt!
  22. Running from Port Lucaya
  23. Saguaro or trophy rod?
  24. Charter boat question
  25. DreamCatcher in Key West
  26. Grand Cayman
  27. favorite redifsh/speckled trout lures..
  28. ballyhoo rig how too
  29. Captains license schools..
  30. Offshore rigging tools
  31. Fin nor 80w
  32. Fin nor 80w
  33. IPS Drives for Sportfishing Applications
  34. Canyon Runner - Monday/Tuesday - 40 Tuna, 2 Swords
  35. Star Rods - Beware
  36. Shark Smart Marinas is on line and on Facebook
  37. New wahoo design, Input from the fisherman welcome
  38. Inshore fishing
  39. Port Lucaya in October
  40. Tunas, AJs, and Cuberas!
  41. Favorite lure for Tarpon in NE Florida and Costal Georgia?
  42. Important
  43. Cabo Charter--Bigger Boat Worth It?
  44. Cedar Plugs? Help me out
  45. Shimano Saragosa 18000F vs. Okuma Raw II 80 vs. Fin-nor 8500 OFS
  46. How to throw a cast net (without getting wet)? [Video]
  47. Some Good Rod/ Reel Combos
  48. Seeking-Ocean City Charters
  49. Best tackle bag / box?
  50. Ft. Pierce summer slam video with liquid fire
  51. FB Page list, UPDATED!!!
  52. How are you using structure scan??
  53. Best place to buy dredge bars?
  54. 48 Canyon Runner Strong September - Close to 30 Big-Eye Now
  55. South Florida Fishing Charters
  56. Jacksonville, Fl fishing help. (temp work assignmen)
  57. Shark Feeding Frenzy at New Jersey Shore
  58. SFC Kite replacement spars?
  59. Lake Lanier Striper Fishing
  60. Marking Reels to ID
  61. Oregon Inlet report 9-22
  62. Big dock floating from Japan to Hawaii video....
  63. Help w/ eBay purchase!
  64. Yankee Capts 3 Day Mutton Marathon 10/22-10/24
  65. Montauk Sportfishing Report 9/24/12
  66. Need a go to rod and reel
  67. Leader keepers
  68. Deep dropping reel help. Help me pic?
  69. How to throw a cast net? [Video]
  70. Shimano Triton 50 Handle
  71. accurate reels - light tackle
  72. When do the shrimp run in S Fla?
  73. any charter recommendations in st. Simons area
  74. Cairns early season Black Marlin
  75. Barbie Action
  76. Shimano Calcutta D series reels
  77. "One More in Bermuda" - Grander Caught in Bermuda
  78. new to offshore fishing, need gear/info
  79. fishing in south fl
  80. grouper stealing from a spearo
  81. Epic Gumdrop Albacore Tuna Fishing Video With Underwater Footage!
  82. penn downrigger parts
  83. 9/17/12 half moon bay albacore
  84. outrigger line
  85. Charter trip - customer loses rod and reel - who pays?
  86. Guy with Go Pro getting pulled under by Marlin...
  87. What Happened To Eastern Tackle????
  88. Painting fender teasers?
  89. Are we running out of fish?
  90. Stuart Brand Rods
  91. December/January Warm Weather Fishing?
  92. 2 Day w/Renegade Mike, Cabo San Lucas - What should We target
  93. Ball of bait doesn't stand a chance!
  94. Potential world record tuna
  95. when is a good time to overnight to washington canyon?
  96. A little help picking a fishing vacation.
  97. Yellowfin Tuna Boil and Black Marlin Battle Video!
  98. Big game tackle sponsorship
  99. yellowfin tuna fishing, what to do
  100. Red Tuna Announces Sept. Shirt - Quepos Fish Adventures from Costa Rica!
  101. Standup rod advice for bluefin needed
  102. Ponce inlet fishing Help!!
  103. anyone familiar with the types of fish in the chessapeake
  104. new rod and reels
  105. Fish Sales? and accurate quotas?
  106. under water lights? what color is best for fishing?
  107. Eye Catcher Lures
  108. Sport Fishing in St. Croix..?
  109. Aruba fishing questions
  110. Inshore rod/reel combo suggestions
  111. Electric Kite Reel
  112. Good Hatteras Billfish Report.
  113. looking for fishing buddy
  114. Montauk Sportfishing Report 9/17/12
  115. Great Deals
  116. Where to fish the first week of march?
  117. Capt. Fred Archer
  118. Going to Los Suenos Thanksgiving week
  119. Bait cutting
  120. Romney talks fishing in big game fishing journal
  121. Coimbra wreck
  122. How many yards of braided line do you buy the most??
  123. This is so wrong.....
  124. Vertical jigs/ Butterfly jigs/ Speed jigs TIP for the weekend
  125. Hudson Bigeye Video
  126. Dry Tortugas fishing during Nov/Dec...
  127. On Time Seacraft Keys Charter Skiff
  128. my wife vs 900# bluefin
  129. Downrigger for dredge
  130. Penn GTI 345 issue
  131. inshore fishing
  132. Sail boat charter
  133. Gopro Cameras
  134. spooling daiwa saltist
  135. In$ufi$hent Fund$ Hudson Canyon Video 9/7/12
  136. VIDEO: Charter captain ridiculing seasick guest
  137. BIG Cuberas and Tunas at the Hannibal Bank!
  138. Covering diamond jigs with JigSkinz
  139. You remember...
  140. Need Help with GPS
  141. 6 thread line, 9 thread line, 24 thread line etc???
  142. IMPORTANT -- South Atlantic Commercial Yellowtail Closure Reversed!
  143. Kingfishing from boat
  144. Billfish Conservation Act passes US House of Representatives
  145. Port saint lucie florida -- river fishing
  146. Swivel sinkers, where to buy??
  147. Montauk Sportfishing Report 9/9/12
  148. Reel for charters?
  149. First double overnighter in canyons TIPS WANTED
  150. Looking for a good place to fish in the US in Feb 2013,
  151. Irresponsible Advertising by "Harmless Hooks" ...Supported by PETA!!!!
  152. recommendations for destination
  153. Charter advice Capecod
  154. ugly sp1101 question
  155. Pontoon Boats.....
  156. Lock and Weigh Tool??
  157. Kayaks suggestions please!
  158. Action Craft Boats signs San Carlor Marine Ft. Myers FL
  159. Handlining
  160. Shimano Charter Special reels?
  161. Canyon Runner - EPIC! 5 Big-Eyes, Sword - All the Yellowfin They Wanted
  162. Southeast Fishing (Jupiter)
  163. Deep Blue flat line clip
  164. black/silver combo zeebaas reel?
  165. DBD jigging and chunking special
  166. Loop to Loop Rigging
  167. Shelf life for 200lb dacron/mono
  168. Offshore Spinning Reel
  169. Double D fishing team website
  170. South Florida Charters
  171. Rigging Vertical jigs/ Butterfly jigs/ Speed jigs TIP for the weekend
  172. website
  173. Lmao
  174. Blue Marlin pre-season - Angola Africa
  175. Destin charter action???
  176. Reel Advice Please
  177. Yellowtail season?
  178. Big eye and yellow fin on the chunk now.
  179. How to snell a tandem Fluke rig
  180. Fishfinder on a Kayak
  181. Interesting conversation with a member of FWC
  182. Which rod for electric reel?
  183. Canyon Runner Weekend Like it Should Be - 55 Yellowfin, 4 Big-Eye, Blue, Sword
  184. Female team first to catch felony saltwater fishing fraud charges
  185. What a waste...
  186. 82 LB cobia caught in upper NJ
  187. What Would You Like to See Out of a Fishing Apparel Company
  188. Cast net issue with deep pogies
  189. Panama Fishing Report - Hannibal Bank Tunas and Inshore Action! - Sept 31-Aug 1, 2012
  190. Naples Marco Florida Area December Charter Advice Needed
  191. TFO Tactical Series Rods
  192. Montauk Sportfishing Report 9/3/12
  193. Rough Day but Managed Some Fluke 9/2/12
  194. tautog in me/nh
  195. Canyon Runner 9/1 - Limits of Yellowfin on Chunk and 20th Big-Eye
  196. Looking for better bottom rod/reels
  197. Leader dispensers...
  198. How to catch a tarpon?
  199. Amazing GoPro Underwater Albacore Tuna Action
  200. restoring jigs and popper
  201. Avet SX or Penn 975 LD?
  202. Smart Shorebird
  203. Rigging Vertical jigs/ Butterfly jigs/ Speed jigs TIP for the weekend
  204. Rod lIne rating and max drag
  205. How much lead to pull while highspeed trolling..?
  206. Questions about spooling 80 wides
  207. Spool Corrosion Prevention tips
  208. Merchant services / accepting credit cards
  209. Shimano Parts
  210. is a 50w size reel good enough for BFT ??
  211. Help building a fish cleaning station
  212. Today at the Wilmington
  213. Interested in chartering a 42' Yellowfin
  214. Natural ballyhoo dredge?
  215. Avet Reels
  216. Good Luck Louisiana
  217. 22 roosters all on poppers!
  218. Fat Girls Week End.....with a Marlin surprise
  219. khanh tran special penn senator 113h
  220. Question about Quantum Boca PTS RODS (Good Live Bait Rod?)
  221. Teach me something, Please
  222. Atlantic Red Snapper open dates reported
  223. Just wanted to say "Thank you"
  224. Anyone order from James Tackle Recently?
  225. Shark fishing chum
  226. Wahoo Help
  227. cozumel charter recommendation - October
  228. what tuna species are these??
  229. Montauk Sportfishing Report 8/27/12
  230. Daiwa Dendoh Deep Drop Rods
  231. Kite Rod & reel combo
  232. Jet ski brian on TV rite now
  233. Effectiveness of mid-range freq Xducer in ocean for finding fish?
  234. Shimano Tyrnos single speed discontinued?
  235. Charter Captain FL and Bahamas - Boat insurance and permit reqs
  236. SAFMC Black Sea bass Closure
  237. suggestions
  238. kid's albacore trip - 8/24/12
  239. Florida: How far North can you catch Ballyhoo?
  240. Stiff rig
  241. Thanks Connley Rods
  242. Won one but dropped a few
  243. new lures HELP!!!
  244. Venice Lousiana What's the goods the bads and the uglies?
  245. Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament - Live Feed
  246. Nassau fishing....suggestions?
  247. Mahi parasite - IDENTIFIED!
  248. Grander Blue Marlin - Hawaii.....
  249. Need direction - how to become a fisherman?
  250. Really good yellowfin bite

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