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  1. First grander blue caught in Tobago Game Fishing Tournament
  2. Bull Shark and a Clorox Bottle
  3. Moving a rod holder
  4. Ponce THT Fishing Get Together
  5. Costa Rica fishing in 2 weeks
  6. Son in law fishing trip
  7. Wahoo took the bait
  8. Swordfishing and trolling for Mahi on the XS-ive 38 fountain
  9. where can i buy 9 inch mold craft style squids
  10. Just received my avet jx 6.0
  11. Destin fishing advice
  12. Line breaking strength
  13. Fin Nor Ahab 2 speed lever drag opinions
  14. What is the Best Tackle store in the Tampa Area?
  15. Yo-zuri Shrimp -- best for catching fishermen?
  16. calcutta reels?
  17. Looking for a Bay Charter! Ft Meyers/Naples
  18. Islamorada Wahoo
  19. I inherited a Penn Int'l 80
  20. St. John USVI In July
  21. Bait well/ laguna21cc
  22. Built in Tackle Box
  23. New Penn Squall 50's Handle
  24. The one that should have gotten away
  25. Starting a Offshore FIshing Log
  26. Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach fishing
  27. Freeport/Lucaya information needed
  28. Look what came in the mail today!
  29. favorite top water lure
  30. Get your Googan on
  31. Full Moon Mahi
  32. Punta Cana Charters?
  33. Bull Dolphinfish Video
  34. Oil Rigs Off AL Coast
  36. INSATIABLE returning to Beach Haven.
  37. kite info
  38. 47lb mahi aboard Phinatical - 5/17/2013
  39. Any1 fish (soldier key)-miami??
  40. Texas Marlin Fishing....
  41. Montauk Sportfishing report 5/20/13
  42. Souther Most Sport Fishing
  43. Whitey
  44. Soldier needs to get back on the water
  45. Don't watch this if you don't want the fever!
  46. How's the dolphin fishing been in palm beach...
  47. Need some help (kings, and kingfish setup)
  48. Lure fishing?
  49. lets talk landing nets
  50. Double Duty Rod
  51. Go to Grouper lures ?
  52. Avet real question.
  53. where to buy trace (wire) leader?
  54. LowCountry Gulf Stream Trip
  55. Frisky Marlin
  56. Diamond Momoi
  57. Favourite Teaser..
  58. Avet MXJ and tiger lite jigging rod
  59. El Pescador Lodge from Belize - Red Tuna Shirt Club's shirt of the month!
  60. Deep Drop Rigs
  61. cleaning shimano charter special
  62. Dry Tortugas Multi-Day Trips
  63. Roll and Tip Estimates
  64. Trolling Rod question
  65. Shark Survey
  66. Rigging ballyhoo early
  67. Donating an offshore trip. Need liability waivers
  68. Parts for US Reels 230SX super Caster???
  69. Am I being too anal? (taking guys ive never met before in a tournament this weekend)
  70. Mackerel Fishing at 2KR (Portsmouth NH)
  71. Danversport - Beverly - Salem Harbor
  72. Best braid shop?
  73. rod and reel gift
  74. 38 Pearson Fly Bridge sportfish
  75. Rigging umbrella rigs
  76. How fast
  77. fishing in venice
  78. To braid or not to braid?
  79. Where Will YOU Be on Father's Day?
  80. Having knot issues
  81. Alaska - Fly Out
  82. which braided line
  83. Costa Rica in July
  84. Montauk Sportfishing Video 5/15/13
  85. Slow Bass Fishing on 60 Ritchie Tuesday
  86. WHO MAKES Ballyhoo rigging cradles???
  87. What rods should I use for a senator 114
  88. ribbons
  89. Mosquito Lagoon Area
  90. King fish rig
  91. Cabo in October
  92. Wire for trolling plugs
  93. IGFA/Tournament Question
  94. Fluoro Carbon Leaders
  95. Canyons fishing off southern Cape Cod, what anchor line 38' CC
  96. Trailer Rental
  97. Trolling for dolphin
  98. How big is this sail....
  99. Alberto Knot?
  100. New hooks old stock mustad
  101. Canyon Runner Striper Trips - Sunday & Monday
  102. Outriggers
  103. Corrosion on the guides on my tidewater rod
  104. Kites for Tuna & Mahi
  105. momoi diamond braid
  106. 36 blackfin FB
  107. Montauk Sportfishing report 5/13/13
  108. Hot Spots
  109. Pinwheel wins
  110. LIT UP St. Augustine trip
  111. Tackle bag advice
  112. Spectra and monofilament on a Tiagra 50W LRSA
  113. Cool underwater bites
  114. Abu Garcia Reel question
  115. Bly Riggers
  116. Is the extra money worth it for a metal frame reel?
  117. Frenzy Tackle - takes care of their customers
  118. Canyon Runner Striper Limits - Open Boat Spots Tues. & Wed. $125/Person
  119. Rod holder outrigger mounts- where to find?
  120. New Fish Attractant
  121. Fort Pierce Blue water open
  122. Best place to buy shimano reel parts?
  123. favorite soft plastic for jigging
  124. Capt. Alvin Fishing Charters- 1st place VI Big Game Club Dolphin Derby
  125. High Speeding Hooks
  126. Canyon Season is Upon Us - 70 Degree Water on the Edge
  127. Canyon Runner Striper Limits -Live Line, Jig, Troll
  128. Knot Tying Problems
  129. Looking for a couple of CCs to do the beta testing on my retractable green stick.
  130. 12-20 knot Trolling speed for a new wahoo fishermen...
  131. what size reel for a 20lb class setup
  132. Williamson "Live" series- anybody here like 'em?
  133. Cod/haddock/pollock video April 28th
  134. Informational Video for Beginners - How to select lures for inshore saltwater fishing
  135. Shimano Terez Rods Good or Bad?
  136. Gulfstream Fishing Miami
  137. Free Pair of Costa's
  138. Daytime Swords off Marathon
  139. Blackwater 36 in Rough Weather
  140. Penn Carnage Jigging Rod
  141. Venice, LA fihsing charter
  142. Canals- Port Charlotte to Cape Coral-Advice
  143. Homemade Tuna Tube ??
  144. Best $200 or less reel?
  145. Inshore Rod and Reel
  146. Exactly how much drag going from full spool to empty spool?
  147. Shimano Spare Spool prices????
  148. Best grouper-bottom fishing reel-Shimano or Penn?
  149. Fishing in Islamorada with J&A Charters
  150. 2013 Los Suenos Costa Rica High Season Summary
  151. is there such thing as "the perfect fishing boat?"
  152. Abaco report 5/7
  153. Saragosa 10000F line capacity
  154. Favorite brand of wind on leaders
  155. Anyone using these spiral wrap jigging rods?
  156. Yellowfin trolling setups??
  157. Running the Jupiter inlet
  158. signs of Cod starting to come back
  159. Fishing Abaco In May
  160. Tip Top Replacement OTI spinner
  161. Memorial Day Weekend. Keys. Have I made a huge mistake???
  162. If you had an opportunity to....
  163. Yellowfin rod and line weight recommendations
  164. Looking for a fishing resort that's family friendly
  165. Fishing Report West Coast Vancouver Island
  166. Best Metered Braid
  167. Montauk Sportfishing Report 5/6/13
  168. Best Circle Hooks For Pulling Live Blackfin
  169. 100+ Big-Eyes & $600K in Winnings - Canyon Runner Fishing Report Service
  170. Learning how to troll?
  171. why did penn stop making the torque lever and star drag reels?
  172. Provo- Turks & Caicos Fishing Guides/Tips?
  173. Abaco Charter Needed
  174. Jigging/bottom fishing Rods?
  175. Destin Fl. Fishing Tips Anyone?
  176. BBC Marsh Harbour June 9-14
  177. Fishing Reports off St. Lucie Inlet
  178. Blyriggers to all current customers. T shirt Info
  179. Help Stop Fishing Closures
  180. Saltwater fly combo
  181. Minimum Boat Size Req for OUPV Sea Service
  182. spooliing planer reel
  183. Abaco fishing report 5/1
  184. bimini mutton spawn
  185. Epic Offshore Water and Break at Hudson
  186. Can I fish Ft Desoto with this boat?
  187. $2,000 a pound.....For Eels???
  188. Aruba charters
  189. Catching bait in the keys???
  190. polarized glasses
  191. Catching Roosterfish with George Bush in Costa Rica!
  192. Tuna Report
  193. Yeti or simlar actual const cost?
  194. Any tackle shop owners in need of trolling lures
  195. Spooling new penn 30W
  196. leader spool holder/dispenser
  197. Quick Rig, Hays and bLack Bart Hooks
  198. Battle or Spinfisher V
  199. Need help choosing a reel for fishing off party boats in south Florida
  200. What is the story of your most regrettable lost fish?
  201. Braid strength for small grouper?
  202. What happened to businesses taking care of the customer?
  203. Dolphin Electric Reels
  204. Aruba Charters in July???
  205. Tips for someone new to Tarpon fishing?
  206. Montauk fluke are here
  207. Cod Fishing
  208. too good to be true?
  209. New Spinfisher 6500 LL Line question
  210. Mahi trolling kits
  211. Live-aboard/Sportfisher
  212. Trolling Valves 46" Ocean SS
  213. Captiva, FL fishing
  214. Just a plug for Abel pliers
  215. Keys fishing Memorial week
  216. Grove Slam 2013
  217. what do you use to form wire
  218. what do you use to form wire
  219. Capt. Alvin Fishing Charters- St. Thomas Report
  220. 16vsx and spinfisher V 4500 rigging versatility?
  221. Great Tip for Boat Fishing and some older guys....What do you think it is???
  222. Where would you go to find bonefish in August?
  223. Need a good rod and reel combo for drift fishing grouper and snapper in florida gulf
  224. Anyone used the Rupp Zip Clips Outrigger Release Clips?
  225. Vintage Bart & other trolling lures. Use them? or are they Collector's items?
  226. good/bad day in Abaco
  227. Big Tog... Limited out in 1 hour!!!
  228. TLD service 7lb max strike
  229. fish bag drain (?)
  230. big sea trout
  231. Menhaden oil
  232. K W charter
  233. Mesh spreader bar duffel
  234. Cape Verde going off! 51 blues in a week
  235. Maggie Joe Sport Fishing - Honolulu, HI Fishing Reportlulu
  236. New HXW Raptors mounted
  237. Walleye Egg Stripping and Tagging explained.
  238. Muskies in the tanks at Spirit Lake Hatchery.
  239. Offshore tackle bags
  240. Cancun / Isla Mueres Fishing report ?
  241. Charter Boats in Freeport Bahamas
  242. Fishing weekend in the Keys. Which island?
  243. Isla mujeres?
  244. Bait Runner/Live Liner Feature
  245. WD 40 Attractant
  246. Florida Charters
  247. Sabiki rigs for blue runners
  248. Tarpon??
  249. Penn International Review
  250. Okuma Helios 2013

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