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  1. Freakin GD Chit Sukkin Mouse (or mice)
  2. Mildly interesting sleep observations
  3. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap...
  4. Snack
  5. So.. WV has a 18yo legislator. Wadda ya think?
  6. Is it morally OK to kill a bigfoot/sasquatch?
  7. Bobbit worm vs Lion fish.
  8. Oil to Gas Heating Conversion
  9. Tracking work vehicles
  10. Who's right, the internet or my eye Doctor??
  11. OBL Trigger Man
  12. Identity Theft (WTF)
  13. Amazing salmon catch
  14. Cutting sheet stainless steel?
  15. Told kids they ate all their Halloween Candy - Pretty Funny!
  16. Detroit Window Sticker
  17. Do you call back missed calls on caller ID
  18. Gas price differences
  19. Need a Blender Recommendation
  20. iTunes hacked?
  21. Hardcore
  22. Meanwhile, In Russia...
  23. pot ammendment failed
  24. Need help building and designing an App.
  25. Termite companies offer free inspection
  26. The Food Of Champions!
  27. 90-year-old Florida man arrested for feeding the homeless
  28. at the airport bar.
  29. Sensible pot law
  30. Cop Advises Women On How To Stay Safe During Police Stops
  31. The Gunfighter
  32. Fun Physics
  33. The right call
  34. Death by pitbull
  35. What's your best "Caught in the Act" Story??
  36. Model Trains
  37. Salesmen
  38. Contender 23 / 300 Yamaha
  39. Gibbs Quadski
  40. Tom Magliozzi, Popular Co-Host Of NPR's 'Car Talk,' Dies At 77
  41. What to do in NYC during Thanksgiving week?
  42. Wisconsin police deploy armored vehicle over dog poop dispute, SWAT team executes dog
  43. Bottom Pant Removal Results
  44. Enclosed car transport
  45. What are the current "things" when it comes to dogs?
  46. Funny/Awkward story to share
  47. death
  48. Snoop Farmer
  49. Jury Duty...
  50. Diesel Pumps in FL
  51. A new winter sport.
  52. Article: father invites rapist to dinner and tortures him
  53. Kamado grills: grill dome infinity?
  54. USS Liberty Attacked by Israel in 1967
  55. Worker killed by tape measure that fell 50 stories
  56. Thinking about dropping cable TV, anybody here done it?
  57. Why is voting such a PIA?
  58. Home HVAC Replacement costs...
  59. This kind of stuff really gets to me
  60. For you North Carolina guys ??
  61. Tommy from Car Talk died
  62. A tarpon ate my gopro!
  63. "Car Talk"
  64. Two key turns to start car. Just changed the plugs
  65. How many career changes and what were they?
  66. Pitch pine flooring. Commercial use?
  67. Touching up car rust spots??
  68. Television program question
  69. Need Input from Pool/Paver Pro's Regarding Pool Tile
  70. Like o my god super...
  71. Keyboard /Mouse for Smart TV
  72. Golf practice net
  73. NASCAR fights ?
  74. New product idea....
  75. Mom not doing so well
  76. Politically Correct AR
  77. I am going to be a new dad , Any advise ?
  78. Thoughts on cancer
  79. my daughter's first horse show...
  80. Dog Proof Bean Bag Chairs
  81. Nik Wallenda on Discovery
  82. 4 boaters drown after boat life jackets.
  83. Movie: St. Vincent
  84. Nfl lol
  85. Is Police Brutality Sometimes OK?
  86. Outside Rod wash station ideas?
  87. Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 3 - which one should I get?
  88. Whale rider tipped Darwin Award worthy
  89. scuba gear recommendations ATTN MODS see #14
  90. Tennis racquet purchase
  91. Any FedEx or UPS shippers here getting ready for the DIM train?
  92. Recommendations for small service vehicle
  93. Good Luck Nik!
  94. Holy Cow - this is kayak fish`in
  95. Not that you southern guys need anything to gloat about
  96. calculating board feet
  97. It's snowing!
  98. Hey siri feature
  99. Subaru crosstrek xv
  100. You drive next to these people every day
  101. Car Covers
  102. Cost of HVAC replace heat pump vs gas pack
  103. Just saw "Nightcrawler"
  104. Amazon Now Charging Tax On Everything...
  105. Punishment for son??? Long post!!
  106. Someone just tried to scam me over the phone..?..
  107. Non-Marking Boots
  108. Men arrested following CVS robbery could be connected to more robberies
  109. Looking for Highway Patrol, LEO and just general comment
  110. Teaching son to play catch - what age did you start?
  111. Springfield M1A
  112. What kind of dog breeds do you think this dog is?
  113. Illinois boat dept-title work...6 month wait?
  114. Best long thermals for all purpose ???
  115. Steel warehouse buildings ... Your experiences ?
  116. Wakeboards!?!
  117. Telling it like it is...
  118. AR-15 Rifle Scope
  119. The term "Assault Rifle"
  120. A little local music
  121. DVR just crashed
  122. CDC still playing catch-up on ebola
  123. Covering the boat
  124. SNOW in SC on Nov 1
  125. Long gun vice suggestion
  126. Branson's Virgin Galactic Spaceship Explodes....I killed 1 safe..
  127. Who else checks kids candy "for safety" ???
  128. Hunting Rifle....
  129. surf's up- great lakes
  130. Congo crowd kills man, eats him
  131. Jose Canseco... who has done something like this
  132. Crusader engines
  133. US Marine released today from mexico.........
  134. Can't you just say Trick or Treat?
  135. Marine in Mexico set to be released
  136. How much candy is too much?
  137. Glue
  138. TRICK OR TREAT!!!!! Yall!
  139. Awesome 160K debt pay down story
  140. New Member
  141. The world is ending...
  142. Thinking on switching to Metro PCS
  143. Pot is bad, mmmkay?
  144. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes during testing
  145. IRS question/ no worries
  146. Boat built for disabled
  147. Question about charging battery in vehicle
  148. Anybody here ever fallen into quicksand?
  149. Man Charged With Murder After SWAT Officer Was Killed Serving No-Knock Search Warrant
  150. Nurse Hickox and State of Maine are still butting heads
  151. Another officer attacked with an ax
  152. Hey fellow math nerds...
  153. 3D Printing
  154. Look what I found in the water yesterday..
  155. US Grand Prix
  156. What Happened to the great Song Writers?
  157. Worst TV Commercial??
  158. Surfer and shark...
  159. Tony Hawk....dude is timeless
  160. Sighting in rifle....bullet issue.
  161. If you see me tomorrow night, say hi!
  162. Prices selling used stuff
  163. A STAR, Really?
  164. Wireless indicator
  165. Getting shafted by Stihl...
  166. PA Police Killer Caught!
  167. finances/values -- should I buy the boat?
  168. 3,450 rpm electric motors
  169. For all you DIY car mechanics
  170. A good man is gone, Tom Menino
  171. Where to buy avet reels in san francisco?
  172. Where/How do you get your inspiration?
  173. Strange notice in Toyota owners manual
  174. Can I help your UT Austin student?
  175. Broker and co-broker - does the co ever win?!
  176. Society is moving in the wrong direction
  177. "Go fishing", they said.
  178. Avoid prostate cancer!
  179. Obamacare 2017?
  180. Trip to Yellowstone / Yosimite
  181. Building a House / Farm... advice??
  182. Selling the old boat paperw work $$$$
  183. Boating in SouthEast of Sweden
  184. Back on track!
  185. Common core math? WTF???
  186. Hot tub help
  187. A question about Bidet's
  188. Landscapers: winter sod question
  189. For the Floridians......
  190. Kaenon sunglasses - don't do it
  191. Help this cause
  192. Nat'l Geo North America
  193. Porta Potty
  194. Time to carve that halloween Pumkin !
  195. Things I just don't understand
  196. Confession time
  197. Debate with 4th grade teacher
  198. Landlord Insurance " vs homeowners insurance
  199. Warranty Repair Bill, what would you do??
  200. Anyone else buy into FCAU?
  201. Is this a scam LOL
  202. Police State? Just got letter threatening Asset Forfeiture.
  203. Winter wheat versus rye
  204. Lumberjack handgun
  205. Freight Foward - China to US
  206. California senate prez
  207. Replica White House
  208. Boat lifts
  209. Anyone booking skiing trips yet?
  210. Breitling service
  211. Papa John's employee murdered in Tennessee
  212. Got pooped on
  213. Jose Canseco shoots off his finger.....I guess the gun was indeed loaded.
  214. Jose Canseco shoots himself
  215. I'm an idiot - just bought a boat!
  216. Proud to be a hunter-incredible film, MUST watch
  217. Selling time shares
  218. Armored vehicle sent to collect civil fine from 75-year-old
  219. Hornet video. F-18 Hornet that is.
  220. The Eagles...some great music....and 40 years a band.
  221. Students suspended for taking pics with fake guns.
  222. Explain Kim Kardashian to me...
  223. Military funeral
  224. Need recommendation on place with snow to spend Christmas
  225. Lost a beloved dog today
  226. Dad upset with stranger touching his kid video
  227. Funny....As....Hell!!
  228. Pumpkin pie anybody?
  229. Any Family Lawyers On Board?
  230. Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership
  231. Soccer Anyone?
  232. Youth bike suggestions for my almost 8 year old son...
  233. Any THT'ers live in Jamaica?
  234. Could You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Quiz?
  235. EzBoatStorage Palm beach Ad
  236. If you have kids in college, please read
  237. looking for a restoration company in Polk County
  238. Broken Toe
  239. Which of these TVs should I get?
  240. Horses and Ebola
  241. TV question from dummy (cheap dummy)
  242. Walmart calling it as it sees it
  243. "Cracker Cop": By Cracker aka Larry
  244. ISS Tracker
  245. Science All Around Us !
  246. Let me hear your best excuse for NOT catching fish
  247. Check Your Vote!!
  248. Fellow Nam vets, how old were you when you were there?
  249. They just dont get it
  250. Good outdoor double faucet? Why can't I find one?

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